"It’s refreshing to hear that someone as talented as you is re-uniting the art of performance, improvisation and composition in the sphere of early music. And a symphony...!?."

"I did look at Hendrik Bouman's website and heard his music. I think it's the best example of that type of composition I ever heard. I have admired him as a player since my earliest 'baroque' days, when he was the heart and soul of Musica Antiqua Köln."

Andrew Manze, violin

Principal Conductor of the NDR Radio Symphony, Hannover

Former director of The English Concert

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

“Your writing is extraordinary."

Jeannette Sorrell, Founding Artistic director,

Apollo's Fire, USA

(Cleveland Baroque Orchestra)

Festival Montréal Baroque

“Hendrik Bouman is a fantastic harpsichordist and a fantastic 21st Century baroque composer."

Susie Napper, viola da gamba & cello

Co-founder, Les Voix Humaines,

Founding Artistic Director, Festival Montréal Baroque

“Hendrik Bouman is truly one of the more gifted individuals I have had the privilege to meet. His reputation as a continuo player is legendary both in North America and Europe. As a soloist he is no less impressive. His scholarship and teaching are naturally a function of his strength as a performer."

Christopher Jackson,

former Dean of Fine Arts

   Concordia University, Montréal

Founding Director, Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montréal

CD 'Notebook for Anna I' - harpsichord

What a creativity! such beautiful and tender compositions."

Christina Mahler, Principal Cellist

Co-founder of Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

La Festa di Lucia - Amsterdam world premiere

My great compliments. Truly ‘les goûts réunis!”

Lucy van Dael, violin,

Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Netherlands

Co-founder & Leader of the Orchestra of the 18th C.

Overture & SUITE in G major for strings

“I listened to the recording of your orchestral Overture, in fact several times: very attractive.”

Simon Standage, Honorary Member,

The Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

Founder, Salomon Quartet & Collegium 90

Director of the Academy of Ancient Music

Co-founder / Co-director of The English Concert


“I couldn't resist immediately playing through your [solo] Fantasy. It was lovely to play and I think it is a charming and original piece.”        

Alison Bury, violin

Director of  Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, UK

Cello Concerto in A minor

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

“I really think it’s a lovely piece. It takes advantage of all the ranges of the instrument and gives some rewarding challenges.”

Tormod  Dalen, principal cellist Concert Spirituel 

Professor, Versailles Conservatory


"Beautiful and such technique! The Italian harpsichord you made, sounds like a grand."

    Max van Egmond, barytone

Professor Amsterdam Conservatory  &

The Royal Conservatory The Hague

Piano Trio 'Golden Odyssey'

"Structurally it looks very good, it has fantasy and 'invention' and fits perfectly in the Classical writing style of this genre. In fact, it sounds better than many historical specimens of the kind in which the string parts double the piano score more often than is the case with your independent and elegantly interwoven voices."

Edoardo Torbianelli, fortepiano

Professor, Scola Cantorum Basel, Switzerland

CD 'Notebook for Anna I' - harpsichord

"Beautiful! You move in this medium with such ease, so effortlessly. Within this historical musical language, you are bringing something unique and that with great charm - free, lively and with exquisite moments."

"The way you play the piano evokes the sound of the fortepiano."

     Hajo Bäss, violin,

Co-founder Musica Antiqua Köln, Les Adieux, Germany

Professor, Scola Cantorum Basel, Switzerland

Recorder Concerto & RECORDER Sonata 

“The scores just arrived. Beautiful music!”

Heiko ter Schegget, recorder

Professor, Utrecht Conservatory, Netherlands

Amsterdam Baroque  Orchestra

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

"I very much enjoyed listening to your CD which I found to be very congenial, well written in the style of the 18th century and excellently performed."

Huguette Grémy Chauliac, harpsichord

Emeritus Professor, Conservatory Nice, France

"All the best for your great work."

Carlos Céser, Director Glossa Music

CD 'Notebook for Anna I & II'

I enjoyed listening to it, and your playing is terrific!”

Clive Bennett Executive Producer

Philips, Netherlands

Hendrik Bouman is a performer of great class."

Johanne Goyette, Director & Producer,

ATMA Label, Montréal

CD 'Notebook for Anna I' - harpsichord

“ Perpetually in movement, radiating, joyful, soothing, full of intelligence, fresh, forever new."

           Guy Soucie, Directeur Artistique,

Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur

de la Ville de Montréal

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

"Fascinating. The music is very good; the fact that you have attracted so many eminent players certainly says something about your work."   

Arthur Kaptainis,  Toronto National Post

‘“The Chaconne - Majestic!"

(following the Amsterdam premiere August 2011)

Sieuwert Verster, musicologist,

Co-founder & managing director,

Orchestra of the 18th Century

Wonderful recital “ (of your harpsichord works)..

Robert  Adelson, musicologist,

Curator of Musical Instrument Collection,

Palais Lascaris, Nice

"Magnificent recital"

"We have listened to recordings of your compositions but it is quite another experience to hear them live... so much have you imbibed the style of that time.

The Duphly [Chaconne in F major] is not one of my favourite pieces but I must say that I was totally won over yesterday, one was swept away by its splendid sonority."

Élisabeth Gallat-Morin, musicologist


Excellent - the concerts you've put on and this event yesterday [All Bouman Concert] I was glad the Festival Montréal Baroque could present your wonderful Baroque compositions."

Bruce Haynes, musicologist and author of

"The End of Early Music", Oxford University Press

CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

"I very much enjoyed listening to your CD which I found to be very congenial, well written in the style of the 18th century and excellently performed."

Huguette Grémy Chauliac, Emeritus Professor, Conservatory of Music, Nice, France


"We saw Mr. Bouman here in Moncton at the university giving a fantastic workshop, on the harpsichord and on the fortepiano. His virtuosity is breathtaking and his pedagogical ways and historical knowledge are just the same."

"Triple virtuoso - composer, performer and designer/builder of harpsichords!"

Michel Cardin, lute,

Professor, Moncton University, Canada

My colleagues and I are completely won over by the extraordinary quality of your performance and your avant-garde compositions."


Professor Castelfronco

co- founder of  I Sonatori, Italy

the 'Babo Symphony'

& CD '5 Baroque Concertos for Anna'

"The score of the symphony looks wonderful and I've listened to the concertos - marvellous! You are amazing!"

Cynthia O'Brien, violin,

Co-founder of  Trio Corelli, Vienna

BagatellisSimo in D major for piano

"This piece is not square, yet it's very solid; the mark of a great composer."

Steve Lubin, piano, fortepiano, NewYork

Soloist with the Academy of Ancient Music


"Hendrik Bouman is a genius."

M. Gérald René Leroux, Consul genéral de France

in the presence of the Diplomatic Corps

La Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur, Montréal

CD' Little Notebook for Anna' - harpsichord

"...your beautiful harpsichord compositions and delightful Little Notebook for Anna." (CDI)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada

CD' Little Notebook for Anna' - harpsichord

"What an exceptional being is Anna, for having inspired such music and so beautiful poems. We both have always loved baroque music, which more than any other music conveys best these feelings of peace, joy, harmony and love which I also feel each time I listen to you, with greater and greater pleasure. Your illustrations are really a feast of humour and tenderness ... and what a talent for drawing portraits. So the enjoyment is total.”

                        Mme. Jean Herbert, Switzerland



ON Hendrik Bouman’s compositions in Baroque  & Classical styles

Chaconne in B mineur composed and performed by © Hendrik Bouman, 

CD 7 Baroque Solos for Anna recorded in Firle Place, UK © Hendrik Bouman-Dash 1998 /2017