‘HRH Princess Diana’s Ground’

for the "Queen of Hearts" September 1st 1997

Composer - Hendrik Bouman

Performer - Hendrik Bouman

Piano - Chickering 1870

CBCTV Compass - Evening News on Sept. 2 1997 broadcast Hendrik Bouman's tribute "HRH Princess Diana’s Ground" accompanying historical footage of King Charles' and Princess Diana’s visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1983.


CBC / Radio Canada TV, Television Prime Time Charlottetown, Canada,  le 2 septembre 1997

"Hendrik Bouman was so moved by her passing that he composed a special tribute in her honour. It was written only yesterday and we are pleased to be able to share it with you...Here is Princess Diana's Ground composed and performed by Hendrik Bouman."

Tribute to HRH Princess Diana - music by Hendrik Bouman with footage from Princess Diana’s visit to Prince Edward Island in 1983, by kind permission from CBCTV Maritimes News Director Steve Andrusiak 

Hendrik Bouman on his Compositions

Her Royal Highness Princess Diana’s Ground is a musical portrait I composed in honour of the Princess, the day following the accident. On a short four-note repeated base pattern I heaped spontaneously a large number of variations as was frequently done in Elizabethan times. Although the form is traditional, for this particular piece I did not rigidly control its historicity of style. HRH Diana’s Ground was aired the following evening on Canada’s CBC Maritimes Evening News, accompanying historical footage of the Princess’ visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada.”

Hendrik Bouman, 1998/2023

Hendrik Bouman: HRH Princess Diana’s Ground