For over 45 years Hendrik Bouman, Dutch prolific composer, harpsichordist and conductor residing in France, is counted among the most innovative specialists in Early Music. His 170 compositions (to date) that he composes in the historical idioms of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as his solos and basso continuo realisations (principal harpsichordist of Musica Antiqua Köln 1976-1983) are a reference in the field of Early Music today.

Hendrik Bouman has recorded and produced eleven CDs of his baroque compositions on his label DASH. Seven CDs in the ‘Notebook for Anna’ series feature him as soloist on harpsichord, fortepiano / piano and clavichord.

The CD ‘5 Baroque Concertos for Anna’ was recorded in the Great Tudor Hall’ of Firle Place, the ancestral manor (16th C.) of the Family Gage in the Sussex Downs, England.

The Baroque SaMuse Soloists - Simon Standage, violin; Tormod Dalen, cello; Heiko ter Schegget, recorder; Hajo Bäss, viola and guest flutist Greg Jeay then recorded Hendrik Bouman’s instrumental solo compositions on the CD '7 Baroque Solos for Anna', both in 16th Cenury Manor Firle Place and in the historic 12th Century 'St. 'Michael and All Angels' Berwick Church in Sussex, England, renowned for its frescoes painted by the Bloomsbury Artists during World War II.

In 2016 Hendrik Bouman brought out a single CD of his Prelude & Fugue for harpsichord entitled ‘La Consolation’ which he composed in the aftermath of the atrocious massacre in Nice on France's National 14th of July; the piece was then integrated in his ‘6th Notebook for Anna’ which he recorded in 2022 in the Château de Belflou, in South-West France.

In 2017 for the 20th Anniversary of the first issue on CD of Hendrik Bouman’s period compositions, a limited edition Box set of 7 CDs was released with a 60 page booklet by Hendrik Bouman with notes of the composer on his compositions.

In Spring 2022 Hendrik Bouman calls together his musician friends Simon Standage and Tormod Dalen to form the core of his chamber ensemble Musica Felice to perform and record his chamber music. The project starts in October 2022 with the recording of the CD 'Chamber Music for Anna I' in the 13th Century Château de Belflou, in France. The violinist/violist Hajo Bäss joins the ensemble for the occasion. The recording is preceded by a concert which feature several of Hendrik Bouman's works in world premieres.

The following year in May 2023, Musica Felice's Hendrik Bouman, Simon Standage and Tormod Dalen record Bouman's second CD Chamber Music for Anna II in Château Belflou. The Canadian Olivier Brault, joined in  on this occasion as second violinist. Again, the recording is preceded by a concert of several world premieres, this time in Saint Michel de Lanès.

Hendrik Bouman has world premiered the majority of his new Baroque and Classical compositions in solo and duo recitals, and with his ensembles Musica Felice  and Baroque SaMuse in France, Belgium, Netherlands,  United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, the United

States and India. Hendrik Bouman’s music is performed

Hendrik Bouman made his first entry onto the world stage in the latter half of the 1970's as principal harpsichordist at the heart of the young ensemble Musica Antiqua Köln. Together with his colleagues, Hendrik Bouman with his original basso continuo realisations and impressive solos contributed to setting new standards in the performance of Baroque music in concerts, initially in Europe and then world-wide under the patronage of the Goethe Institute. His recordings for the labels EMI and DGG/Archiv were awarded coveted international prizes. Subsequently over 60 re-editions have been released by Polydor.

After seven years, Hendrik Bouman left the ensemble in 1983 to pursue his career as soloist and conductor in Québec where he had met his wife and muse Anna. He is invited to teach harpsichord and ensemble music at Laval University, Québec City, and Concordia University, Montréal, and served as jury member for the Prix d’Europe and the Radio Canada / CBC Galaxy Prize.

In 1986 Hendrik Bouman directed his ensemble Haydn Heritage in a programme of French ‘Petits Motets’ with soloists Susie Leblanc, Madeleine Jalbert and Michel Ducharme in the recording of the CD ‘Musique en Nouvelle France’ (Radio Canada /REM 1989).

In that same year Hendrik Bouman became the founder-director of the period orchestra 'Les Nations de Montréal'. Notably in 1987 he directed Les Nations and the Opera Atelier of Laval University in a three-hours’ live broadcast by Radio Canada, the 20th Century world premiere of Lully’s opera ‘Amadis’ which was subsequently aired in France, Belgium and Switzerland. In summer 1988 he directed his orchestra in two concerts for audiences of 5000 people in the prestigious ‘Concerts Populaires d'Été de la Ville de Montréal’.

Hendrik Bouman directs the 'Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montréal' in the series 'Les Grands Concerts

de Radio Canada’, and the Portland Baroque Orchestra &

photo ©Anna 2022

Harpsichord Concerto in D majeur mvt.I, composed by ©Hendrik Bouman, Baroque SaMuse,

direction and solo - Hendrik Bouman,  CD 5 Baroque Concertos for Anna  © Hendrik Bouman-DASH


States and India. Hendrik Bouman’s music is performed by colleagues in Italy, Germany, Sweden and Norway

In 1997 Hendrik Bouman is invited by the Consul General of the Netherlands in Montreal, Canada, to give a recital of his harpsichord compositions for the Diplomatic Corps in the Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur de la Ville de Montréal.

On September 2nd 1997, CBCTV News broadcast Hendrik Bouman’s rendering of his composition Her Royal Highness Princess Diana's Ground’ on archival footage of the Princess of Wales' visit to Prince Edward Island, Canada. The following year Hendrik Bouman’s ‘Menuet de Matin’ was chosen as a theme for Radio Canada’s daily music programme, ‘Les Bonheurs de Sophie’.

In 1999 Radio Canada / CBC broadcasts nation-wide two All-Bouman concerts of world premieres in the Canadian festivals - a solo recital in Festival Halifax 1749 and a concert of his chamber and orchestral music with his ensemble Concerto Felice in the Indian River Festival.

On Easter 2003, Radio France, in its programme 'A l'Improviste', broadcast the recital of Hendrik Bouman’s Baroque improvisations performed on the 1647 Ruckers-Taskin harpsichord in the Musée de la Cité de la Musique in Paris.

In Amsterdam in 2011, Hendrik Bouman directs the world premiere of his composition ‘Festa di Lucia’ for string ensemble, a work commissioned in honour of the 65th birthday of the Dutch violinist and former concert master of the Orchestra of the 18th Century, Lucy van Dael.

Hendrik Bouman's recitals and concerts of his works are recorded live and broadcast by the Canadian CBCTV, ATV and CBC / Radio-Canada, Radio France and DR-Danish National Television.

Hendrik Bouman is recipient of grants and sponsorships from Ottawa, Québec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, England and France for his innovative work as composer/performer of period style music and his concert series and festivals whhich he founds and directs, featuring his 'baroque-nouveau' compositions, in Canada: Baroque SaMuse Series, Montréal, Halifax 1749 Baroque,  Baroque by the Sea, Prince Edward Island, and in the United Kingdom his concert series and July Festival Baroque by the Sea, Eastbourne Sussex.

Inspired by a number of antique harpsichords that Hendrik Bouman had the privilege of playing in France, Belgium, Italy, England, Germany and Holland throughout his career, he designed and built two Italian-type harpsichords in 1995 and 1997 for his son and daughter, and in 2006, a double manual harpsichord on which he performs and records.

Hendrik Bouman and his wife Anna live in France from where he composes and records his harpsichord and chamber music which he publishes under his label ßDASH.

Hendrik (Henk) Bouman’s Early Career

1976 - 1997

Choir in Oregon, USA, notably in two performances of Handel’s Messiah.

Originally from the Netherlands, Hendrik Bouman, having spent six years of his professional life in Germany, subsequently enjoyed residing, with his wife and children, in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Québec, and Prince Edward Island, Canada, as well as in India. In working with musicians from these various countries, Hendrik Bouman assimilated specific characteristics of the cultural heritage of these adopted homes. He also acquired proficiency in five languages, thereby deepening his insights into the correlation between language and music.

During an Asian world tour, India with its ancient and uninterrupted musical and spiritual tradition, dating back centuries, strengthened his resolve to approach the European musical heritage of the Baroque and Classical era in a similar manner, not as a closed chapter but rather as a timeless medium for an ever expanding repertoire in a dynamic union between composing and performing.

Thus, as of 1993, Hendrik Bouman launches  his career on the world stage as prolific baroque composer of music that he writes in the distinctive Baroque and Classical idioms prevalent in 17th & 18th Century Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain and Holland. After an all-première recital in Montréal he recorded his solo compositions for harpsichord and piano on his double CD “Notebook for Anna I&II' which received the Canadian composers’ Socan Foundation CD Program for distribution  to radio broadcasters world-wide.

Hendrik Bouman is invited to give masterclasses and lecture recitals throughout Europe, North and South America, Mexico and India. Former university professor, he increasingly promotes the benefits of developing improvisational and compositional skills in Baroque and Classical styles, in relation to interpretation issues. He coaches candidates for international competitions and young baroque composers aspiring to perfect their art.

composer  since 1993, 31 years - 170 compositions

NEWS:  New Baroque Compositions & CD recordings of

         Hendrik Bouman’s Baroque & Preclassical Compositions

2024    Chapelle de Montauriol, Lauragais, France

            February - Concert & CD Recording - harpsichord,                    

            Hendrik Bouman - harpsichord - 7th Notebook for Anna             

2022 2023   Château de Belflou, France

2023       May - CD Recording - Chamber Music Vol II

                           Musica Felice  - Hendrik Bouman

               May  -  Concert Baroque - Saint Michel de Lanes

                            Musica Felice  - Hendrik Bouman

2022      October - CD Recording - Chamber Music Vol I

                           Musica Felice  - Hendrik Bouman

                May - CD Recording - 6th Notebook for Anna

                           Hendrik Bouman - harpsichord       


        Menuet ‘Goodnight’ in A major - harpsichord

        Menuet du Midi & Trio in G major - harpsichord

  1.      Prélude non-mésuré #2 in G major - harpsichord

  2.       Sarabande in D major - harpsichord

  3.       Prelude a 3 in F major - 2 violins, cello

  4.       Fuga a 4 in Bflat major - String Quartet