"We listened to your CDs with great pleasure. Congratulations!"

  -Ton Koopman, Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra

"What a wealth of new repertoire; not only do I enjoy the compositions but I am ecstatic to hear harpsichord playing like that!"

Susie Napper, Artistic Director, Festival Montréal Baroque, co-founder of

Les Voix Humaines

"Triple virtuoso - composer, performer and designer/builder of harpsichords! "

  Michel Cardin, lutenist,

Université de Moncton

"What a creativity! such beautiful and tender compositions."

Christine Mahler,

Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra

"'Wonderful recordings!"

           Dragan Djerkic, Vanier CEGEP, Director of Suzuki Institute, Montreal

"Beautiful and such technique, your italian harpsichord you built sounds like a grand."

Max van Egmond, barytone,

Amsterdam Conservatory

"Beautiful! It's wonderful that you are able to do this. You move in this medium with such ease, so effortlessly.

   - Hajo Bäss, baroque violinist, co-founder of Musica Antiqua Köln  

founder director of Les Adieux

"My colleagues and I are completely won over by the extraordinary quality of your performance and your avant-garde compositions."

WalterVestidello, I Sonatori, Italy

"Incontestable - in the St. Catherine Chapel he revealed himself as an excellent performer whose playing is both lyrical and intelligent. Time stands still with his compositions."

Veluws Dagblad, Holland

“I play the copy (double CD album) I purchased over and over and I’m impressed each time.”

CBC Television Maritimes
Steve Andrusiak, Executive Producer

“I enjoyed listening to it, and your playing is terrific.

            Clive Bennett Executive

                             Producer Philips  Holland

"All the best for your great work."

   Carlos Céser,

Director Glossa Music S.L.Spain

"”Perpetually in movement, radiating, joyful, soothing, full of intelligence, fresh, forever new."

  Guy Soucie, Directeur Artistique, Maison                 de la Musique: la Chapelle historique du Bon Pasteur de la Ville de Montréal

"...your beautiful harpsichord compositions and delightful  Little Notebook for Anna. (CDI)

Pierre Elliott Trudeau,

former Prime Minister of Canada

"What an exceptional being is Anna, for having inspired such music and so beautiful poems. We both have always loved baroque music, which more than any other music conveys best these feelings of peace, joy, harmony and love which I also feel each time I listen to you, with greater and greater pleasure. Your illustrations are really a feast of humour and tenderness ... and what a talent for drawing portraits. So the enjoyment is total.”

               - Mme. Jean Herbert, Switzerland

"Among all the records which pass through our hands, this double album is very very beautiful."

-Radio Canada          Discography, Montréal

"HRH Princess Diana’s Ground" for the "Queen of Hearts" chosen as musical tribute.

-CBCTV Evening     News, Maritimes     Canada, Sept. 3, 1997

"Menuet du Matin" for HRH Prince William Alexander was chosen as theme in Sept 1998 for Radio Canada’s classical programme. "It's so beautiful that we decided to adopt it as a theme."

Martine Caron, producer, Les    Bonheurs de Sophie Radio Canada

Canadian Composer’s SOCAN Foundation CD award for distribution to radio broadcasters worldwide


On the CDs 'Notebook for Anna I & II' September 1999

New Baroque and Classical Music for Harpsichord and Piano composed by Hendrik Bouman which

he plays on an instrument he designed and built, and on the City of Montréal’s Fazioli piano.

Little Bach-Tractk in F major (1996) composed and performed by Hendrik Bouman